Mass Effect: Cerberus Normandy SR-2 Mini Replica

GAME ,Dark Horse

Dark Horse proudly announces the release of the mini replica ship Cerberus Normandy SR-2. When an ambush by the mysterious Collectors destroyed the Normandy SR-1, humanity feared that the most advanced ship in their fleet was lost forever. However, the black-ops organization known as Cerberus spent two years rebuilding Commander Shepard's ship in secret, bringing to life the Normandy SR-2, a ship that not only matched, but exceeded its predecessor in every way: bigger, faster, deadlier--an unrivaled force in Shepard's mission to save the galaxy from destruction.

Measures a full 6", includes a sturdy base for display.

Product weight: 320 gram(s)
Product size: 240 mm x 120 mm x 120 mm (LxWxH)
Case Quantity: 1
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