Grendizer Waterfall Base

ANIME ,High Dream

This detailed UFO Grendizer Waterfall Base depicts the mountain base as shown in the animated series, complete with opening launch bay
and ejectable vehicle. It stands about 14 cm. / 5.5" in height. Update: without increasing the price of the product, the base door and launcher
will be made of diecast metal instead of PVC or ABS.

Material: die cast, pvc, abs
Gift box packaging.

UFO Robot Grendizer is a robot created by the Manga creator (Manga Ka), Go Nagai, during the 70's.
Creator of many successful series, Go Nagai is best known for his work on a saga of super robot, including
Mazinger, Getta Robo, Great Mazinger, Kotetsu Jeeg.
UFO Robot Grendizer was renamed Goldorak in France and Goldrake in Italy with a first appearance on the French TV channel Antenne2 during the summer of 1978.
With an elaborated storyline, more mature and complex characters for a cartoon of this era its success was immediate, an anime also known in France
for reaching the 100% audience rating. Grendizer became a reference as an anime, influenced a whole generation of children in many countries,
and created a great wave of passion over the Japanese anime productions and Japanese culture, famous in
Italy, Quebec, and various Middle East countries, Kids now adults, parents are introducing to today’s boys and girl the adventure of the main hero Duke Fleed and his friends,
in their exciting adventures to protect our planet and its natural treasures with the help of the great robot, the UFO Robot Grendizer.

Product weight: 820 gram(s)
Product size: 130 mm x 130 mm x 200 mm (LxWxH)
Case Quantity: 6
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