UglyDoll: 12 inch Picksey Classic Plush

DESIGNER ,Ugly dolls

"Picksey is an interdimensional being. He can be in many places at the same time. That explains why you saw several Pickseys at the store you found him in. Pretty neato, huh. Yes well despite his ability, Picksey seems to be stressed out pretty much all the time. What if I’m too early? Too late? What if my other self from another dimension forgets to leave a tip and everyone thinks I’m the stingy one? As you can see, Picksey has a lot on his mind. You may need to help him keep his cool at times.This can usually be achieved through hugs, kisses, and contributions to his chocolate bar fund. UGLYDOLL PICKSEY IS APPROXIMATELY 12"" TALL FOR ALL AGES Winner 2010 Parent's Choice Approved Award"
Case Quantity: 4
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