Frank Kozik: Cow 'Stache Labbit Small Plush

DESIGNER ,Kidrobot

• Cow Stache’ Labbit is a brown and white spotted plush version of the iconic Labbit character. Labbit spawned from the
mind of Frank Kozik, and has been a Kidrobot staple since 2003.
• Plush comes with a hangtag and is individually poly-bagged.
• 7-inch plush figure featuring embroidered eyes and a plush moustache.
• The Stache’ Labbit plush line offers a variety of sizes of cuddly, fun Labbits that can be loved, played with, and used for
home décor. Sizes include 3-inch, 7-inch, and 14-inch, and can be found in white, pink, blue, zebra, leopard, cow, and
• Stache’ Labbit plush are intended for ages 3+.
Product Description:
Labbit gives you your daily dose of calcium. Who could ask for anything more in a 7-inch plush pal? With his signature
swanky stache’, the Cow Labbit (aka Labbitus Bos Taurus) is a furry bullish version of the iconic Kozik character we love.
Great for tipping and delicious with Worcestershire, Cow Labbit is an important part of the nutritional pyramid, and really the
only friend you need.
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