Ratchet & Clank Series 2 Rusty Pete AF

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Ratchet and Clank are known for overpowered weapons, ingenious gadgets, interstellar exploration, and outrageous humor. Ratchet, the last
Lombax in the galaxy, is an impulsive wrench-wielding intergalactic tinkerer and Clank is his logical and witty robotic partner.With the help of selfproclaimed
“hero” Captain Qwark, Ratchet and Clank have defeated many of the universe’s most vile villains. In their latest caper, they face an
old nemesis, the diabolical Dr. Nefarious, who seeks to control time. After Clank’s disappearance, Ratchet races to rescue his best friend. As they
attempt to reunite and save the universe they discover that Clank’s capture is just the beginning of Nefarious’s latest diabolical plot.

Solid packed case for Rusty Pete.

Poids du produit: 300 gramme(s)
Dimensions du produit: 80 mm x 160 mm x 300 mm (Lo x La x H)
Nombre à bac: 12
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