Star Wars Darth Maul Light-Up Art FX Statue

SW ,Kotobukiya

Combining the iconic character from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace with the Japanese Ukiyo-e style made famous by Katsushika Hokusai, this version of Darth Maul is unlike like you've never seen before!

Includes a special LED light-up feature on the double bladed lightsaber.

Darth Maul snarls fiercely in mid-fight with his Sith tattoos on full display over his rippling muscles.

Display alone or alongside other Star Wars themed ARTFX Statues from Kotobukiya!

Darth Maul stands 28 cm. / 11" in height.

Poids du produit: 1453 gramme(s)
Dimensions du produit: 350 mm x 420 mm x 150 mm (Lo x La x H)
Nombre à bac: 6
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