NBA Series 19: Steve Nash 6 inch AF

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It was a huge summer of free agent movement in the NBA, and our NBA 19 lineup highlights several of these "faces in new places." Shaquille O'Neal, LeBron James, Amare Stoudemire, Chris Bosh and Carlos Boozer are all featured in the unfiorms of their brand-new teams. Suns point guard Steve Nash gets a new head-sculpt for his NBA 19 figure, showing off the Suns' orange jersey. Breakout point guard Rajon Rondo makes his SportsPicks debut, giving Celtics fans a chance to complete their "Big Three" collection alongside Ray Allen and Paul Pierce. The Collector Level program is part of NBA 19, giving fans the chance to hunt the Gold Level "Los Suns" uniform for Steve Nash, the Silver Level Miami black jersey for Chris Bosh, and the Bronze Level black Miami jersey for LeBron James, the alternate green Celtics jersey for Rajon Rondo, and the white Bulls jersey for Carlos Boozer.

Solid packed case.

Poids du produit: 150 gramme(s)
Dimensions du produit: 50 mm x 120 mm x 240 mm (Lo x La x H)
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