UglyDoll: 7 inch Uglybot Blue Little Plush

DESIGNER ,Ugly dolls

"Just as Ugly, but a little smaller in size! UGLYDOLL LITTLE PLUSH IS APPROX 7"" TALL FOR ALL AGES"

Uglybots are here to serve you. How may I help you? May I fetch your morning beverage? Need me to do your job for you?...I don’t mind...hey at least I get to take a 2 minute walk down to the curb and get away from it all for a second or two...need somebody to talk to? Join the club pal! Uh oh...It would seem even robots aren’t made to be robots. What Uglybot really needs is a friend. Hey who doesn’t? Well this friend will never turn his back on you, never turn over your diary to the press, you’ll never need to upgrade his love.
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