Mortal Kombat Klassic: Lord Raiden 1:4 Scale Statue

GAME ,Pop Culture Shock Collectibles

Lord Raiden is a thunder god of the Mortal Kombat universe and protector of Earthrealm. He commands many supernatural abilities such as the ability to teleport, control over lightning, and flight. As an immortal, he thinks in terms of eternity rather than normal human lifespans and his memories date back to the beginning of time itself.

Pop Culture Shock Collectibles is proud to announce the Mortal Kombat Klassic ‘Raiden’ 1:4 scale statue based on his appearance from Mortal Kombat 2. This masterfully created collectible stands 27.5” tall, has a cloth costume and a Certificate of Authenticity. This version does NOT come with any light up features.

Product gewicht: 5400 gram
Product afmetingen: 180 mm x 260 mm x 690 mm (LxBxH)
Case Quantity: 1
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